Whatever may be the season we have to be ready to face them? Let it be a hot summer days or winter it is very important that your family should have comfortable feel at home. Because nether the summer nor the winter will come bases your requirement. Having the best heating and cooling system will make you feel relax in all seasons. If you already have them at home then maintain the equipments matters a lot else when you actually need then you will be either have to compromise with the working condition or empty your pocket in repairing them. Follow these simple steps to keep you conditioner working in all seasons.

  • One of the simple ways to maintain you air conditioned is to regular cleanup of the filters. You should clean the dust formed on the filters and need to check on regular bases if there is need of replacing the filters. If your conditioner has reusable filters than only dusting will be enough. If there a dust on the filters it will affect the purity of the air which you get out of it. The dust which will come out through the air will also affect the health of the people who are already suffering from breathing problems.
  • The next thing to check in your air conditioner is the coils. If the coil is not cleaned than you will not be experiencing the best results from your air conditioner. The dusty coils will reduce the ability to absorb the heat. If your conditioner is outdoor than the chances of it becoming dirty is more because of your garden dust and lot of plants around it.
  • If you have an outdoor air conditioner than checking the fins is also important. First remove the cover and then clean the fans and once the cleaning is done check carefully if any wing of the fan is bent as this may affect the flow of air. If there are small bents you can set them else fix new fans. One more thing to do for outdoor air conditioner is to check if the tall trees or branches are covering the air flow.
  • Other than the above mentioned regular checks you should call technician on timely bases so that he can check the complete machine and fix if any problems. In this way you will be saved of spending lot of money on your repairs. It is advisable to fix a time on yearly bases with technician so that you’re heating and cooling system both are checked at the same time.


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