With the spread of the Corona Virus, people worldwide were forced to stay in the homes for several months. The only entertainment source people could rely on during those days was watching favorite movies and shows. There were thousands of people obsessed with watching the first show of a movie on the date of release. For them, the lockdown period seemed to be the toughest. But technology also made it possible for them to overcome this particular crisis by introducing OTT platforms.

The OTT platforms are apps or software programs downloading and subscribing to which you will be able to watch old and new movies onlineWhen the cinema halls were closed during the lockdown period, most of the new movies were released on the reputed OTT platforms. So, with the subscription of the most reputed OTT platforms, you can also be able to watch a new movie immediately after it is released. 

Zombie Reddy

Zombie Reddy is a Telugu movie released on 5th February 2021 and is regarded as the first-ever zombie film in Telugu Cinema. The movie is based in an Indian Village named Kurnool, and the idea is partially based on COVID 19 pandemic. The direction and the story of the movie have been taken care of by Prasanth Varma. The movie producer is Raj Sekar Varma, and it has released under the production house of Apple Trees Studios. The movie’s running time is 125 mins with the main characters being played by SajjaTeja, Hemanth, Daksha Nagrakar.

The movie’s main story is regarding some game developers among whom Mario (SajjaTeja) is one, and he faces certain technical problems in his work, which can be solved by only Kalyan (Hemanth). Kalyan is in his village to get married, and hence the game developers had to visit Kalyan’s village. There, Mario, as well as the other game developers, gets caught between the rivalry of two families as well as a mysterious zombie attack. The rest of the story is regarding how they fight to come out of this situation. The movie is easy to understand and has comedy as well as thrill. 


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