Hyper scape is a naturalistic battle royal game which gives it’splayers a realistic feeling. It is a free to play first person battle royal game. Ubisoft Montreal who has also developed assassin’s creed game. The game is set after 30 years in the future so it is a futuristic urban battle Royal game you can log in to the game and choose your characters that will represent you in the game. In the game you can fight through unique districts of Nek Arcadia in your own way.

There is a virtual city in which there are different maps and you can decide on which you want to land and fight with your opponents. There are many characters which has their own skills in itself just like in Apex legends. You can find different weapons on your choice to start your fight in the game. The beta version of hyper scape was only available for Windows PC for recent time. When you enter the game, you become a cyber ghost and keep on spectating other players.

Hyper Scape Cheats

What are hacks in hyper scape?

You can also download hyper scape cheats from the play store in your PC.  There are many hacks that are available in the game that includes teleport hacks. Teleport hacks means when you switch on this hack than you will be able to teleport from one place to another within some seconds and your enemies will not be able to even see your character also. The second type of hack is known as armor hack. In this when your armor penetration power reduces after getting shots from your enemy, you will be moved into the ball where you can stay until all the enemies dies.The third type of hack is sky breaker hack, as the name suggests you will be able to take a height advantage and when you combine with teleport hacks then you will be able to stay in the air and get your kills using your height advantage.Another kind of hack in hyper scape is known as wall hack. In this cheat you will be able to see your enemies across the wall and also can pass through the wall to kill your enemies. There are some other hacks as well known as invisibility hacks and you can also know the damage of the opponent so that you can easily kill them. 


Initially, there are many users of hyper scape. It is a realistic battle royal game that gives you futuristic experience in the form of a cyber ghost. But due to all the hacks it’s uses stared dropping down gradually.