People are getting exhausted and weary of being subscribed to medications. That does more harm than good. And making effort to see a doctor after a doctor without any assurance and relief. That is why neurofeedback therapy has become a well-known method for conditions. From anxiety and depression to migraines and concussions.

Some people may be wondering or probably have a lot of questions. Neurofeedback therapy can be a scary word, big, and others might fear trying it. Here are some details to know more about it.

What is Neurofeedback Therapy?

Neurofeedback is also known as Neurotherapy or Electroencephalography (EEG) in scientific terms.  Neurofeedback is a congenital way to measure and control your brain waves. And body temperature, this form of therapy permits your neurofeedback provider. To re-equip and otherwise involuntary body process. Neurofeedback usually gives audio and video feedback.

Neurofeedback is also a procedure of training a client’s brainwaves using feedback. Providing the client real-time information about their brainwaves. By setting suitable goals, and individualized for each client. This training can lessen psychological symptoms and performance can be improved. The effects of neurofeedback therapy are commonly long-lasting or even permanent.

Neurofeedback and EEG courses in Australia are an online workshop bundle. They have different courses that are taught by Dr. Moshe Perl and facilitated by David Perl. Since 2001, Dr. Perl has been educating about neurofeedback.

Their Services 

Dr. Moshe Perl established NIA to help grow the field of neurofeedback in their region. They support and train practitioners throughout their professional development. They have over 20 years of teaching and clinical and experience in the field of EEG. And neurofeedback, which is nourished by several decades of experience. In psychological assessment and counseling. Their services include:

  • Classroom courses from entry-level neurofeedback to modern EEG.
  • Live webinars covering a variation of subjection comprises group mentoring.
  • Online learning via video lectures that can be checked at any time
  • Neurofeedback equipment service and sales. They represent both the Research (EEGer) and EEG Education. Neurofeedback systems in this region.
  • One on one professional mentoring (BCIA and QEEGD approved)
  • Minimap, QEEG, and TOVA interpretations
  • An online forum for community discussions on EEG and neurofeedback.
  • Coming soon: Neurofeedback protocol generator

They have courses available that will is very beneficial, such as but is not limited to:

  • Autism & Neurofeedback Mastermind
  • This Mastermind is for people who are treating Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Using neurofeedback and are ready to share. Grow in expertise and knowledge with a group of quality professionals.
  • This Mastermind will need more than just a one-off event. An online group will be set up to enable the continued connection.
  • Alpha-Theta Neurofeedback Online
  • Alpha- Theta is Deep-state Open Focus Neurofeedback designed for use with client groups. Which comprise of but is not limited to substance abuse. Peak performance, trauma solution, and more.
  • Intermediate NFB Skills

This online offering will have video lectures combines with live meetings online. To discuss the material, they give a powerful toolkit. To address a broad range of symptom presentations.