The first action you should take when deciding to be an actor or performer as a professional is to think about presenting yourself or gaining attention through a talent agency. Our Talent agency expect you to be ready to work hard. Any talent agency you partner with will require you to invest in your professional development by attending workshops and producing headshots. Many actors are happy to take time off from work to audition, but they don’t take a day off to participate in a workshop that could be useful to their testing technique.


The rewards and opportunities you can enjoy by taking advantage of these professional development opportunities are greatly enhanced through test preparations. The work of a talent agency is often sporadic. You have to wait for tests and casts and be ready to turn down, but every time you take the test, you’ll learn something new that will help you the next time. Unless you already have a relationship with a talent agency, it is hard to know the opportunities that lie ahead in front of a lead selection manager.


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Other benefits of having a talent broker are that it can help weed out projects that you’re not a good fit for and make sure you get paid for the work that you do on your projects. Choosing a talent agency to represent you is one of the most important things you can do to ensure that you have good opportunities to work. Talent agents can negotiate their rates and working conditions above the minimums for all the products they will be hired. For this reason, your relationship with your agent is crucial and choosing a talent agency to represent you can save you a lot of trouble before booking and after booking the job. Most talent agency fees are based on “registration fees” or “management fees,” which means that the agency makes money without finding work for the artists.

A good talent agent will trade for a small initial fee and then take a commission for the job they are hired for in the film and television industry.

A good agent should help you with your resume and give you tips on headshots without having to use a specific makeup artist/photographer, etc. Find agencies that charge exorbitantly for personal photography and portfolio setup.

Ask your potential agency what to offer to make sure they get the money and how they will be paid. In other words, they get paid only when you do it for the jobs. Ensure that you are committed to attending workshops, auditions, and partnering with the right talent agency, and have the best chance of getting a job and starting your way into the acting and entertainment industry.