Players of the first Dota game tend to also like the second. The learning curve for Dota 2 will be easy enough if you already mastered the mechanics and gameplay of Dota 1. Dota 2 still has the majority of the features of the first game. The difference is that there are many advancements players enjoy in the sequel. One of those is the improved matchmaking feature. It matches experienced players with beginners to even out the battlefield. Dota 2 boost increases the mmr of the player.

How MMR Boosting Services Works

How does mmr boosting work?

A booster will play on your account to improve your performance in ranked games. You provide the username and password after making a payment. All boosters have the necessary experience to deliver your order. There are several options you can make when you want to hire a booster to work on your account.

Will your account and items be safe?

You do not have to worry about the safety of your account and items if you are careful when choosing a booster. Their reputation is more important than any of your items or your account. They strive to keep their customers happy and satisfied to earn a recommendation. These boosters are more interested in gaining more clients. With their experience and skills, they can get whatever items you have with ease.

If you want to ensure the safety of your account, it would be best to secure it with a mobile authenticator. Make use of the full advantages of the mobile authentication system. It is easy to spot legit boosters from scammers. Legit ones will not ask you to disable your Steam guard or mobile authenticator.

What are the accepted payment methods?

Aside from PayPal and Visa or Mastercard, most boosters accept other payment methods. These include Webmoney, bank transfers, and Western Union. Most of them also accept Dota 2 items and Steam wallet code as payments.

How long is the waiting time?

It usually only takes about fifteen to thirty minutes to arrange a booster for your account. After making your payment, you will receive instructions via email. There are many factors that will affect how long the booster needs to work on your account. Some of these are the size of your order, the current amount of orders, and the availability of the boosters.

Most boosting services offer different features that come with a certain price. It all depends on your needs and preferences.